Top 3 Mistakes Homebuilders Make on Their Website

Top 3 Mistakes Homebuilders Make on Their Website

Your website is the most important digital footprint of your homebuilding business on the internet. It should be crafted with extreme detail and care, even the smallest mistakes can make you lose potential business. In today’s age, almost everyone is tech-savvy and wants a smooth user experience. IF they don’t get it, your business loses its worth in front of its audience. Let’s see the Top 3 Mistakes Homebuilders Make on Their Website and how to avoid them.

Why Is Your Homebuilding Website So Important?

In the homebuilder business, image and trust are key. Homebuilders that have good websites with good quality engaging content are more likely to get more leads and business than those who have poor websites. Why? It’s because people only trust stuff that they see, and your website is the biggest visual representation of your website (apart from your physical office).

A study from Stanford University showed that over 75% of web users agreed that they judge a company’s credibility based on what their website looks like.

Testimonials from previous clients, model homes, and engaging content make your website look more appealing and this delivers the message that you’re professional and know what you’re doing.

Top 3 Mistakes Made On Homebuilder Websites

As not every company is the same, no two websites are the same. If you don’t have a custom website made specifically for your business then you’re lagging in your business for the long term. Not just this there are mistakes made in content, arrangement, and even web-design.

1. No CTAs

CTA or Call to action(s) is used to direct the web surfer to click or follow something. These are usually linked to forms, phone numbers, and even emails. CTAs make your website look professional and help you in achieving goals like registrations, appointments, and lead generation. Some most common CTAs that are used online are “Get in touch with us now”, “Call Now” or “Click Here”.

There also exists a psychological factor that forces the people coming on your website to respond to the call you’re giving by action, be it calling, clicking, or filling a form.

2. You Don’t Have a Custom Website

A custom website is a must for your homebuilding business. It should follow your branding and theme to reflect what your company actually stands for. A generic template or a commonly used web design does not help you stand out from the crowd. You must have a unique identity that leaves a mark on your audience and that can only be done if you have a unique website designed especially for your business.

There are other common mistakes like not using the correct headings, choosing the wrong theme, or even faults in back-end coding.

3. Lack of Content

One mistake that we’ve noticed in many homebuilding business’ websites is the lack of good quality engaging content and some websites are missing content altogether. Your homepage must at least have a minimum of 1000 unique words of SEO-optimized content. This helps your website improve its ranking and gives the readers some reason to stay on our website.

The “Content is King” statement holds a lot of value in the present age of digital marketing. You can even post content like videos, blog posts, and articles related to homebuilding.

How to Avoid All These Mistakes?

Hire a professional. There is no other simple way of getting it right. You can learn everything through research but it takes a lot of time and you learn through trial and error. So, your best option is to hire a professional and let them handle this part of your business. You might have to spend some amount in the beginning but once it’s all set up, the ROI is really worth it.

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